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How do I measure my head for my custom unit?

Measuring tape is what is used to measure head. It can be found at Walmart, dollar store, hobby lobby, etc. See Chart below for what needs to be measured.

In order to purchase a custom unit, am I only allowed to use your hair?

You are allowed to use any hair of your choice for your custom unit. If you choose to use hair of your own you will play a flat rate of $250 for your custom unit plus shipping.

Do you have custom wigs on hand or ready to ship?

All custom units are made once ordered and wont be on hand unless a ready to ship sale is happening.

Am I able to get my wig installed?

You will not need an install with the technique of our new custom made units. Your hair needs to be either flat or braided under your wig and the wig will lay flat and glueless from ear to ear based off the sizes submitted in the order.

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